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The North Carolina Scottish Heritage Society was established in 1992 as a non-profit incorporated organization to promote the study, research and publication of materials concerning the ancestry and heritage of the Highland Scots who emigrated to North and South Carolina during the colonial period and immediately afterwards, their lives and migrations within the United States, and their descendants.

What is the Argyll Colony Plus?
The Argyll Colony Plus is the journal of the North Carolina Scottish Heritage Society. It began publication in 1986 and is included with membership in the Society. It is now published three times per year. The Argyll Colony Plus has many articles of interest to people researching genealogy and history related to the early settlement of Highland Scots in eastern North Carolina. It has won several awards and is a valuable resource. The name, the Argyll Colony, derives from the emigration in 1739 of a group of settlers from Argyll, primarily Jura, Islay, Gigha and Kintyre, who settled in the Cross Creek area of North Carolina, now Fayetteville, and in and around present day Cumberland, Moore, Hoke, Harnett and other surrounding counties. The Plus indicates our interest in opening our study to include other early North Carolina families of Scottish descent and research which connects them to the early Scottish-Carolina emigrations.

The Argyll Colony Plus is published three times per year and it is included as a benefit of membership in the Society. Its aim is to publish original research connected to the Scottish Highland immigrants who came to North Carolina during and shortly after the colonial period, their origins, culture and genealogies, following them and their descendants through time. Of primary interest are family histories, manuscripts, previously unpublished records, suggestions on research methods and sources. Other items of interest include local histories, diaries, etc. and other items of educational interest which would shed light on this group of people, such as book reviews, and occasional articles related to the Scots-Irish and other Scottish Highland settlements in North America.

We also publish and offer for sale other books as well, such as Highland Scots in North Carolina, the unpublished manuscript by Gov. Angus Wilton McLean. Press the Publications for Sale link.


The North Carolina Scottish
Heritage Society

In 1986, Lt. Col. Victor E. Clark, Jr. began the publication and distribution of a newsletter/journal called The Argyll Colony Plus in order to further interest in the history of the region of North Carolina first settled by emigrant Gaels from Argyllshire in Highland Scotland. During his military career, Col. Clark became interested in tracing his ancestors. In this quest, which became a passion, he began to write his family's history. As his interest in genealogical research grew, his circle of friends and acquaintances in Scotland, North Carolina, Alabama and elsewhere grew to include many wonderful historians whose research comprised much of the early and who wrote many important articles for the journal.

The North Carolina Scottish Heritage Society was established in 1992 as a non-profit incorporated organization to promote the study, research and publication of material concerning the ancestry and heritage of North Carolina's early Scottish Highland settlers. Membership dues are $30 annually. Press the Join Us link, print the membership application form and mail it with your check payable to NCSHS. You must be a member of the Society to receive the The Argyll Colony Plus.

Col. Clark passed away in October 2001. The Officers and Board of Directors along with the Editor and Publications Committee have endeavored to carry on this important work.


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April 4-6, 2014

Charles Bascomb Shaw Scottish Heritage Symposium

St. Andrews University

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The 2014 Scottish Heritage Weekend - Super Symposium, Concert and Awards Banquet

Celebrating 25 Years - A Don’t Miss Event if you are interested in Scotland and Scottish-American History, Genealogy, and Culture. Join Us and Tell Your Friends!

Symposium speakers include: Dr. Bruce Durie, one of Scotland's premier authorities on genealogical research, Dr. Michael Newton, one of the top scholars of Scottish Studies in the United States, well known author Dr. Douglas Kelly and premier Celtic violinist Jamie Laval.

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