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Back issues of The Argyll Colony Plus: $15.00 each includes postage. See list of issues below for description of articles.  



The following four books are photocopies of the typed manuscripts, soft cover bound.  

Kintyre Rentals: 1505 – 1710, Transcribed by Judge A.I.B. Stewart and Andrew McKerral, Index by Dr. Ruby Campbell.  147 pages includes extensive index for multiple land and people records mostly in the 16th and 17th centuries.  $40.00 plus $5 postage in the U.S. and $12 elsewhere.

 The following four books are photocopies of the typed manuscripts, soft cover bound.

 Highland Scots in North Carolina:  The Unpublished Manuscript of Gov. Angus Wilton MacLean, 1919.  $65.00 plus $8 postage in the USA and $20 elsewhere.   Transcribed, edited and indexed by Louise Davis Curry.  8-1/2” x 11” 431 pages with 53 page index.

Càrn Cuimhne: Genealogy of the Scottish Smiths of North Carolina and Allied Families  $50 plus $5 postage in the USA and $15 elsewhere.  Written and Compiled by Evelyn F. Smith.  8-1/2” x 11” 291 pp. with 82-page index

Correspondence and Documents Pertaining to the Bethune, Keahey, McLeoc, McFarland, Patterson and other related Scottish Highlander Families of North Carolina  $65 plus $8 postage in the USA and $20 elsewhere.  Compiled, typed and Indexed by Ruby G. Campbell, Ph. D.  8-1/2” x 11” 567 pages with 66 page index.

Colorful Heritage Documented:  The Story of Barbecue, Bluff and Longstreet Presbyterian Churches   Includes a copy of the book Colorful Heritage, an Informal History of Barbecue and Bluff Presbyterian Churches by Rev. James MacKenzie along with other documented material pertaining to all three churches and including cemetery listings of all three, edited by Victor E. Clark, Jr. and Louise D. Curry.  $50 plus $5 postage in the USA and $15 elsewhere.  8-1/2” x 11” 341 pp with 48 page index, 8 page addendum and church locator map.


A Guide to the Old Islay Graveyards:  Keills,  Kildalton, Kilmeny and Port Charlotte. This is a compilation of the first four in the series of articles published in The Argyll Colony Plus by Roger McWee and Nigel Ruckley.   $30 plus $4 postage in the USA and $10 elsewhere.


Calum and Catriona’s Welcome to the Highlands.  This is a children’s workbook by Michael Newton, Ph.D. and Rhiannon Giddens     $12.95 includes postage.


Checks should be made payable to the N. C. Scottish Heritage Society and mailed to  506 Shinnecock Court, New Bern, NC 28562

Back Issues of The Argyll Colony Plus


Back issues of The Argyll Colony Plus are shown below with their contents. We do not copy individual articles, but back issues can be ordered for $15 each (within the US).  Back issues mailed to Canada are $20 US and to the UK $23 US. We do not accept credit cards.   Send orders or inquiries to: Anne Landin, 506 Shinnecock Court, New Bern, NC 28562










Vol. 1 No. 1                                                                                                    April 1986

 The North Carolina Settlement of 1739 - A.I.B. Stewart

The Isle of Jura Baptismal Records 1704-1734 - James Scott Buie, MD

Argyll Colony Pertinent Publications

Maps, Formation of North Carolina Counties 1663-1943

Foote’s Sketches Regarding Early Cape Fear Scots Settlers

Contract between Presbyterian Gentlemen and Rev. James Campbell

Valley of the Scots form draft manuscript of Malcolm Fowler

The 1748 Petition for a Minister by 77 Bladen County Citizens

The 1755 Cumberland County, NC Tax List

Family Records of Alexander Clark

Two Letters to Hugh Clark of Bibb County, Alabama – 1840’s




Vol. 1 No. 2                                                                                             October, 1986

 Museum of the Cape Fear

The Difference Between History and Tradition

Other North Carolina History Groups

Ileach – Islay/Jura Fortnightly News – Katie Darroch Socks, The Knockrome Bull,

                        The McDonalds’ Isle

History of the McLeans by W. S. Long (and many more surnames)

The 1748 Petition for a Minister by 77 Bladen County Citizens

Letters from Campbell (Jura) to Shaw (North Carolina) 1764 and 1770

Map of Mid-Argyll Kintyre and Islay

Isle of Jura Baptismal Records 1704-1734 by James Scott Buie (rearranged by Carol


Index, Issues #1 and #2 (by Louise Curry)




Vol 2 No. 1                                                                                                     Winter 1987

 Munro, McNichol, Sinclair, McKellar and Turner Families of Shira Glen near Inveraray

Isle of Jura Baptism Records (1704-1734): Helpful Hints and Surnames Campbell and


Proposed Genealogical Guide to Argyll

Kildalton Parish Rent Rolls (1733 and 1741), Isle of Islay

Allan Campbell Letter (1837) from North Knapdale, Scotland: Archibald Wilkerson


Neil McNeill of Ardlussa

David Dobson Comments on his Scottish Immigration Research

New York’s Argyll Patent, North Carolina’s 1739 Argyll Colony, and McArthur Notes

Baxter McFarland Letter to The Carthage Blade (1902)

Profiles of the 39’ers: Matthew Smilie and Nathaniel Smilie

The James Campbell – Christian Cadwallader Family

History of Scotland Church (Presbyterian) in Union County, Arkansas

Photograph Cover: Paps of Jura taken from Ardfernal Hill about 1925, showing Knockrome and home of some original emigrants in the Argyll Colony.




Vol 2 No 2                                                                                                      Spring 1987

 Guide to Historic Barbecue Presbyterian Church, Harnett County, NC

Superstitions of the Upper Cape Fear Scots

Killarow and Kilmenie Rent Rolls (1733 and 1741) Isle of Islay

Rev. Neil MacLeod of Skye and Jura

Brown Family Letters from Islay (1792) and Lorne (1820) to North Carolina

Early Elders of St. Pauls Presbyterian Church, Robeson County, NC

The Kenneth Black – Catherine Patterson Family of Moore County, NC

Front Cover: Barbecue Presbyterian Church, Harnett County, NC

Back Cover: 23rd Psalm in Gaelic




Vol 2 No. 3                                                                                                     Summer 1987

 A North Carolina – Kintyre Connection

Guide to Argyll Genealogical Research Sources (Part 1): Statutory Registration

                        Census Schedules, and Old Parish Registers

An Account of the Campbell Papers, Isle of Islay

William Fields Examines the 1755 Cumberland County, NC Tax List

Maps of Early Land Grants in the Upper Cape Fear Region

Sources for Research on Various Families Including Surnames Armstrong and Blue

Bethune Family Notes

More About the McNeills of Ardlussa

The Samuel Campbell – Alice Mabson Family

Some Pertinent Scottish Books

Correspondence: Separation of the Early James Campbells; The Kate Old Field

                        And Flora McDonald’s Breast Pin

Front Cover: Photograph of James Crawford Clark and Dollie Dewitt Clark of Perry County, Alabama, taken about 1905.

Back Cover: “A Warrior of the ‘45” from an old pen-and-ink sketch.




Vol 2 No 4                                                                                                      Fall, 1987

 North Carolina and The Scottish Highlanders

Kilchoman Parish Rent Rolls (1733 and 1741) Isle of Islay

Pre-1855 Inscribed Gravestones in Knapdale: Kilnaish, Lochhead, and Miadan

                        Beag Cemeteries

Lachland McNeill Letters from Breakachie, Scotland, to Jennat Smith (1784) and

                        John McNeill (1785), Cumberland County, NC

McLachlan and McCallum Families: The James Calvin McCallum Record

Some McDonald Families of Argyll, North Carolina, and Neshoba County, Mississippi

More Sources for Research on the Highland Scots of North Carolina and their Ancestors

Name Index to Volume 2

Back Cover: Parish map of Argyll and Bute prepared by Ken Campbell.




Vol 3 No 1                                                                                                      Winter 1988

 Guide to Argyll Genealogical Research Sources (Part 2): Kirk Session Records

Mystery of the Unpaid Passage

Pre-1855 Inscribed Gravestones to Knapdale: Lergnahension, Kilmahumaig, and

                        Inverneill Cemeteries

Jura Baptism Records (1704-1734): Surnames McMillan (McNamoile) and Lamont

Record of Ship Departure for North Carolina with Islay and Mull Residents (1774)

1779 Tax Roll for Captain Neill McCranie’s District, Cumberland County, NC

The Daniel McArthur – Jennette McArthur Family

More Sources for Research on the Highland Scots of North Carolina and their Ancestors

Correspondence: Highlanders in Cumberland’s Army: MacKeachie (McGeachey,

Keahey), McDonald, and Jackson Connections; Blue Family Origins

Front Cover: Photograph taken about 1925 at the Campbell estate of Ardfin on Jura.





Vol 3 No 2                                                                                                      Spring 1988

 Restoration of Campbell Homes at Buie’s Creek, NC

Jennie “Bhan” McNeill:   Legend of the Upper Cape Fear

Session Minutes (1829-1859) of Philadelphia Presbyterian Church, Robeson County, NC

Ferguson – McDonald Family Bible Records and Notes on Some McDonald Families of

                         Moore County, NC

Testimonial of Donald Shaw of Islay (1763)

“The worst lot in the world… are there”

Tribute to Malcolm McDonald (1796-1870) of Skye and North Carolina

James McNeill Johnson and Comments on the Johnson Family

Research on a McPherson Branch in Scotland, North and South Carolina, and Alabama

The Elusive William Buie of Buffalo Church

John McLean and his Family

McGregor – Ray Letters (1852 and 1856) from Cumberland County, NC to Texas

More Sources for Research on the Highland Scots of North Carolina and Their Ancestors

Front Cover: Recent photograph of the childhood home of James Archibald Campbell at Buie’s Creek, NC

Back Cover: Title Page of a Gaelic Book published in 1786 owned by Margaret McIver, wife of William Buie.




Vol 3 No 3                                                                                                      Summer 1988

 Jura People “Intending a Voyage for Cape Fear” (1754)

Shaw Family Letters fro Islay (1773) and Jura (1789) to North Carolina

Close Scrutiny at Old Bluff Church

1780 Tax Roll for Captain Neill McCranie’s District, Cumberland County, NC

Neill Brown’s Diary, Robeson County, NC

The Ancestry of John and Malcolm Gilchrist of North Carolina

The McAdory Notebook

The James Smylie Family of Argyllshire, North Carolina, and Mississippi

Sources for Research on the Highland Scots of North Carolina and their Ancestors

Correspondence: Donald a.k.a. Daniel Graham; Archibald’s Sobriquet and the

                        Skerobline McNeills

Back Cover: Map of Kintyre showing major places occurring gin seventeenth century history, from Kintyre in the Seventeenth Century by Andrew McKerrral, publ. 1948.




Vol 3 No 4                                                                                                     Fall 1988

 Extract from the Sheriff Court Records of Argyll (1683)

Pre-1855 Inscribed Gravestones in Knapdale: Kilmichael, Inverlussa and Kilmory Knap


Clark Family Letters from Jura (1792) and Islay (1820) to North Carolina

1777 Tax List for Captain Thomas Dobbins’ District, Cumberland County, NC


The Unusual Family Heritage of Julia and Esther McNeill of The Saint Pauls Review

The James Bolin Family of Cumberland County, NC

Name Index to Volume 3

Front Cover: Drawings of stone effigies found at Iona, Oronsay and Kilmory Knap.

Back Cover: Judge and Mrs. A. I. B. Stewart of Campbelltown, Argyll.




Vol 4 No 1                                                                                                      Winter 1989

Award of Excellence from The North Carolina Society of Historians

Clachan – Could it be Your Scottish Connection?

The Argyll Colony’s Search for a Minister Documented in Scottish Records

Comments on Some Argyll Place Names Mentioned in Early Letters

Notes on the McCorvie (O’Corvie) Family of Kintyre

Notes on the Smylie Family of Argyll

Campbell – McLachlan Connection

A Dallas Family of Islay and the Carolinas

A Brief History of the Clan Shaw in Harnett County, NC

Death of Colonel Hector McNeill

Sources for Research on the Highland Scots of North Carolina and their Ancestors

Back Cover: Excerpt of poem “Duanag Altrium”.




Vol 4 No 2                                                                                                      Spring 1989

 The Legend of “Red” Neill McNeill

The Evolution of Gaelic Surnames in Kintyre

Some Biographical Notes on the Reverend Robert Fullarton, Minister of Glassary

                        Parish 1727-1762

Bluff Church Baptisms 1814-1823

Immigration of North Carolina Scots to Canada (1828)

Godfrey MacNeil’s Visit to North Carolina

McIntire Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions, Cumberland County, NC

Clark and Small Family Bible Records

McNair Family History

Family Sheet: John and Ann McAlester

A Recent Trip to Scotland

Front Cover: Photograph of Bluff Presbyterian Church, Wade, NC




Vol 4 No 3                                                                                                      Summer 1989

 The Gaels That Were Forgotten

A Letter to Three Churches – Fragments from the McAllister Collection

Baptismal Records of Bluff Presbyterian Church, 1784-1803

Testimonial of Donald MacKenzie (1791)

250th Anniversary of the 1739 Argyll Colony in North Carolina – Schedule of Events

Back Cover: Schematic map of the Isle of Skye showing approximate parochial boundaries and some general topographic and cultural features, from The MacGillivrays of Skye publ 1985.




Vol 4 No 4                                                                                                      Fall 1989

 The Mill Prong House and Cemetery

Shipwrecked Off Islay!

Abstract of List of Debtors t Archibald Campbell of Jura Estate, 1762 (Part 1)

Obituaries of Scottish-Born Bladen County, NC, Residents

Origins of the McQueens

Revolutionary War Pension Document of John Buie of Hardin County, TN (1835)

Loyalist Widow Pension Document of Rebecca McDugald of Moore County, NC (1835)

The Edward Campbell, Sr. Family

Family Sheet: David Reid – Mary Ramsey

Name Index to Volume 4

Front Cover: Mill Prong House near Raeford, NC




Vol 5 No 1                                                                                                     Winter 1990

 The Argyll Colony of North Carolina: Address by Judge Henry McKinnon to the

                        Saint Andrew’s Society of North Carolina

Probable Members of the 1739 Argyll Colony

Abstract of List of Debtors to the Archibald Campbell of Jura Estate, 1764 (Part 2)

The Scotch Cemetery near Bethune, Kershaw County, South Carolina

Notes on McNair Families of West Kintyre

Early Membership List of Antioch Presbyterian Church

The Neill Mcalpin Family

McGeachy Family Letters





Vol 5 No 2                                                                                                      Spring 1990

 History of Raft Swamp Presbyterian Church

Early History of MacPherson Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville Presbytery

Origins of Surnames McCranie and Darroch

The McLaughlins of North Carolina

The McArns of Knapdale, Argyllshire, Scotland

The Angus McInnes Family

The Reverend Daniel White – The Life and Family of an Influential Scottish Immigrant

Ancestry of John Duncan Buie

Some Additional Notes on the Reverend Robert Fullarton

The Archibald McFadyen Family

Will of John McKay, Marlborough District, South Carolina (Written 1826, Recorded


Will of Malcolm Blue, Rowan County, NC (Written 1783)

Dr. Earl Douglas MacPhee (1894-1982)

Family Sheets: Allan McLean – Flora McArthur; Daniel McDougald, Sr. – Catherine ---

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